In our previous article, we learned about the "home position."

Today, let's learn which finger should press which key!


Does it really matter?

Mr. UnderwearMr. Underwear

Yes, it does matter.

Explaining which fingers press A and Z can be confusing, so I've used colors to help illustrate.

Pink... Pinky
Blue... Ring finger
Green... Middle finger
Orange... Index finger

Adhering to this finger placement will undoubtedly help you improve your typing skills.

Try typing using the above image as a guide for each key.


Some keys are hard to reach.

Mr. UnderwearMr. Underwear

You don't have to force yourself.

There might have been some keys that felt awkward to press.

In reality, you don't need to strictly stick to this finger placement if it feels uncomfortable.

For example, I find it very awkward to press 'C' with my middle finger.

So, I use my index finger instead.

Some people even use their thumb to press the bottom row keys like 'M' and 'N'.

Since everyone's finger length and dexterity vary, it's okay to adjust if you find another finger more comfortable for certain keys.

However, starting with the finger placement shown in the image above is generally a good practice.


I kind of get the idea of the layout now.

Mr. UnderwearMr. Underwear

Next, let's practice by actually typing.

On this site, you can learn typing from scratch for free while raising a monster named "Keyboid."

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This site features "Learn Touch Typing" for beginners to learn typing while having fun, "Typing Colosseum" for testing your skills, and "Player vs. Player Typing Battles" for competitive typing matches. All are free, so please feel free to try them out.

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