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    Ranking Criteria


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    Rank G

    Keyboid: Goem

    Comment: Welcome to the Colosseum. Learn about what to do as a gladiator.

    Rank G

    Keyboid: Mocale Mubenho

    Comment: Likes to sleep.

    Rank G

    Keyboid: DeFlamingo

    Comment: Is cute.

    Rank G

    Keyboid: N

    Comment: A brother of Sachiko who helped you at the Power Typing School.

    Rank F

    Keyboid: Masao

    Comment: A typing beginner, one step from moving up.

    Rank F

    Keyboid: Steam

    Comment: Worries that he is not as strong as he looks.

    Rank F

    Keyboid: Monyo

    Comment: A poor keyboid who is always dragged around when he is asleep outside.

    Rank E

    Keyboid: Red

    Comment: Just graduated from being a typing beginner! The liquid on his hands is the residue from his favorite food, some tomatoes he squashed.

    Rank E

    Keyboid: Sasuke

    Comment: Is a ninja.

    Rank D

    Keyboid: Jackal

    Comment: A panda that has been working hard to improve her legs by stretching, recently.

    Rank D

    Keyboid: Heihachi

    Comment: If you beat him, you might become an intermediate typist.

    Rank C

    Keyboid: White Eyed Red Dragon

    Comment: He is strong. A nice dragon that's not as gentle as it looks

    Rank C

    Keyboid: △

    Comment: Golem in disguise: annoyed with having to wear a triangular hat.

    Rank B

    Keyboid: Turiel

    Comment: Beat this one, and you are a fast typist in general.

    Rank B

    Keyboid: Torami

    Comment: Not on good terms with Turiel and her friends.

    Rank A

    Keyboid: Majinga

    Comment: He is very strong.

    Rank S

    Keyboid: ???

    Comment: Defeat ???, and you will be a fully-fledged typist.

    Rank Z

    Keyboid: Ashura

    Comment: From here, the level goes up drastically. Raise the level of your keyboid, otherwise it'll be difficult to win.

    Rank Z2

    Keyboid: Barron

    Comment: The strongest ninja. Defeat him, and you will become an advanced typist.

    Rank Z3

    Keyboid: Kim P

    Comment: If you beat him, you will have learned to type really fast. Be aware this may turn people off.

    Rank Z4

    Keyboid: Gordon

    Comment: Your typing level is no joke. Even though he is a dragon, he just uses his physical strength.

    Rank Z5

    Keyboid: Mino & Meow

    Comment: Somehow two are here. This is the level you can reach only when you're really into typing.

    Rank Z6

    Keyboid: Kurotsuka

    Comment: A middle-aged man who is influenced by various comic books. This level goes beyond a hobby typist.

    Rank Z7

    Keyboid: Serious Takeshi

    Comment: This is the level where the developer, Mr. Underwear, can barely win.

    Rank Z8

    Keyboid: The Last Panda

    Comment: The strongest keyboid in the panda tribe, a typing geek.

    Rank Z9

    Keyboid: The Oppai Alien

    Comment: This keyboid is ugly. Only a few in this nation can defeat him.

    Rank Z10

    Keyboid: Angry M M Number

    Comment: (Running out of free illustration materials. )You might need luck in addition to your effort to defeat him.

    Rank Z11

    Keyboid: Gantam

    Comment: Only top-ranking typists can defeat him.

    Rank Z12

    Keyboid: Torakichi

    Comment: He is beyond keyboids. Only a select few might be able to defeat him.

    Rank Z13

    Keyboid: Just the Last Enemy

    Comment: Created just in case, although I'm not sure if anyone can come this far.

    Typing Colosseum

    What's this?

    These are practice typing games. You will fight against the computer to reach the top, while raising an avatar called a keyboid.
    You will start with a G Rank. You will go up to the next level, after you defeat all the warriors with the same rank as you.
    ※ If you are a typing beginner, or you can't type without looking at the keyboard, practice with "Basic Touch Typing."

    How to play the games

    Your grown keyboid has a typing battle.
    Basically, you only have to type what's shown.

    When your life bar accumulates, you can enter "power mode", to increase your offensive level.
    Pressing Shift+J, Shift+K, Shift+L allows you to select which "Power Mode" you want to use.

    If you make many typos, however, you will get penalized. It is required that you should type precisely.

    As your level goes up, you will accrue new power modes.
    The more aggressive you are in power mode, the more penalties you get even if you make only a few typos.
    Sometimes, the damage caused by penalties is severe.

    Press the F key, and you can see the keyboid stats screen.
    You can equip your keyboid with up to three power modes.


    Battle video

    Ranking registration

    The Colosseum ranking consists of the "Typinger Ranking" and the "Colosseum Ranking".
    For the typinger ranking, the number of typing points decides your rank.
    Typing points have nothing to do with the strength of a keyboid.
    Typing points are decided based on the average typing speed per minute and accuracy.
    Refer to The Typing Ranking Criteria.

    The colosseum ranking shows how far you have advanced at the Colosseum.

    See the ranking

    The Recommended Operating Environment

    Keyboard: Japanese keyboards, English keyboards.

    OS: Windows 8 or later, Mac is unknown.

    Browser: Any browsers except Internet Explorer are supported. Old versions won't work.

    Devices: Personal computers and tablets. A keyboard is recommended, but a smartphone used horizontally in landscape might work.


    If you have any problems, please read these frequently asked questions.
    If that doesn't help, please report a bug by using "Report a Bug" in the bottom right corner.

    Q. My play data has disappeared, what should I do?

    A. Your play data is saved in your computer browser. Some browser settings can cause data loss. If you want to make sure your play data is saved, register yourself as a user for free, and play while you are logged in.

    Q. The site is lagging.
    A. Click the musical note in the top right corner of your screen, and mute the sound. This can stop lagging.

    Q. The site froze.

    A. Check the recommended operating environment above. Most people who had this problem used Internet Explorer as a browser, or Windows Vista.

    Q. What is the highest rank?

    A. Officially, it's rank S, but there might be a way to go beyond that.

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