About the administrator

The site nameTypinger Z
The operation directorAtsushi Horie

The reasons and purposes for the development of this site

I, Mr.Underwear, have always been a typing geek, and Typinger Z is the site I've wanted to create since I was a student.

The site is even a place where children can learn touch typing

At a computer school where I worked, I noticed that many people were able to type but couldn't touch type.
Since my school days, I thought that this was a great loss for the world. I wanted to make a site as soon as possible which enabled people to learn touch typing while having fun with games.

I'd like to hold a world typing competition

People who can type fast are cool.

I, a former typing geek, have longed for a world typing competition.
I fantasize about all the great typists around the world competing with keyboards.

The competition function among people with different languages hasn't been completed, but I'm working on it.

About the administrator

Hello. I'm Mr.Underwear.

I operate my own website services, and undertake to make tools and web pages. In addition, I do some soccer commentary work.

I used to live overseas for business, but after the Covid pandemic I'm mostly in Japan.

I am a soccer commentator, but since I turned 30, I've been into playing table tennis. I dream of playing in the Japanese League some day. (I'm not that good, though.)

Weird Personal History

I was into a typing game called "Typing of the Dead" when I was in junior high school. That was the beginning when I started becoming fascinated by typing.

After that, I was attracted to the beauty of typing battles where people can play against each other, and I got "typing" friends.

I was so into typing when young. I started to think I should find a job where I could type. Then I got a position as a system engineer at a company called NEC.

After three years of working there, I left the company. I don't know why, but I started a company selling foreign brands of underwear. (I no longer do that job.)

That's why my nickname is Mr. Underwear.

After many twists and turns, I started working abroad. I had time to start thinking about what I really wanted to do.

Finally, this site "Typinger Z" was born.

Dear users

This site will change and evolve.

You might encounter bugs and there are features yet to be added. I have the intention of improving this site as quickly as possible. Please be patient.

Features for corporations and schools will be added in the near future. Please let me know what you think.

I hope that you will enjoy Typinger Z.