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    Online Typing Match

    What's this?

    You can play a typing match online here.
    There is a handicap mode - a handicap will be applied on health bars, according to the typing levels, so even a typing beginner can play.
    When you beat a stronger opponent, your online ranking will rise, so keep fighting.

    Raise your keyboid

    The more you practice typing, the stronger your keyboid becomes.
    Your keyboid can rise up to level 30.
    When your keyboid's level is low, it might be difficult to win an online match.

    We recommend that you should get used to battles and raise your keyboid level against the computer at the Typing Colosseum.

    How to Play a Match

    You can play a match with your grown keyboid.
    All you have to do is to type what is shown.

    When your gauge is full, you can choose "Power Mode," which increases your offensive strength.
    You can select Power Modes by holding the SHIFT key and pressing the J key, or the SHIFT key and the K key, or the SHIFT key and the L key.

    If you make many typos, you will be penalized. So you have to type correctly.

    As you reach higher levels, you will learn new Power Modes.
    The more powerful the Power Mode is, the more severely you will get penalized for even a small typo,

    Press the F key, and you can go to the keyboid stats screen.
    There you can choose up to three Power Modes.


    Online match video

    "Online Match" and "Friend Match"

    You can have a match against someone randomly selected at "Online Match."
    Your ranking will rise as you beat stronger opponents.
    Aim for the top!

    You can have a match against a friend at "Friend Match."
    You and your friend have to share the same password for this.

    About handicap

    ・You will be easily matched if you choose "No Preference" from within the options: With Handicap; Without Handicap; No Preference.
    ・When both you and your opponent choose "No Preference," you will play without a handicap.
    ・Handicaps are decided based on your and your opponent's typing speeds. It might be difficult to win if your typing accuracy is low or your keyboid level is low.
    ・"With Handicap," the range of deductions will be smaller than with other settings.

    The Ranking Registration

    Your "Online Battle Ranking" will be registered after you finish your battle, while your "Typinger Ranking" will be registered manually.
    Your "Typinger Ranking" will depend on the value of typing points you have earned.
    The typing points have nothing to do with the strength of your keyboid. They are decided by your average typing speed per minute and your past accuracy.
    Refer to The Typing Ranking Criteria.

    See the ranking

    The Recommended Operating Environment

    Keyboard: Japanese keyboards, English keyboards.

    OS: Windows 8 or later, Mac is unknown.

    Browser: Any browsers except Internet Explorer are supported. Old versions won't work.

    Devices: Personal computers and tablets. A keyboard is recommended, but a smartphone used horizontally in landscape might work.


    If you have any problems, please read these frequently asked questions.
    If that doesn't help, please report a bug by using "Report a Bug" in the bottom right corner.

    Q. My play data has disappeared, what should I do?

    A. Your play data is saved in your computer browser.
    Some browser settings can cause data loss. If you want to make sure your play data is saved, register yourself as a user for free, and play while you are logged in.

    Q. The site is lagging.
    A. Click the musical note in the top right corner of your screen, and mute the sound. This can stop lagging.

    Q. The site froze.

    A. Check the recommended operating environment above. Most people who had this problem used Internet Explorer as a browser, or Windows Vista.

    Q. I make typos whatever I type.

    A. Sorry to say this, but it's a bug. We are investigating the causes. If you wait, it will fix itself automatically.

    Q. Can I own more than one keyboid?

    A. No, you can't. However, we're planning to change this so that one person can own more than one keyboid. Currently, if you use a different browser from the one you're using now, you can own more than one keyboid.

    Q. What is the "Keyboidopedia"?

    A. You can play against the computer, when there is no match online.
    When you win, the keyboid you defeated will be added to your "Keyboidopedia".
    We are planning to add a function where you will be rewarded when you collect sufficient keyboids in your Keyboidopedia.

    Q. Which keyboid is strong?

    A. Basically, there are no big differences among them in strength.
    However, the keyboids that can aquire high-risk high-return Power Modes are strong as long as you make no typos.

    Q. Why do I lose against someone who types more slowly than me?

    A. Other factors affect the outcome of a battle: the keyboid level, the Power Mode usage, the Power Mode penalties, the time span between full gauge and the beginning of a Power Mode, and so forth.

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