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    Learn yoto Type and Play!
    Learn Symbol Typing
    (Under Preparation)

    About Typinger Z

    Typinger Z is a free site where you can learn how to type while raising your "keyboid" — an avatar which communicates with you through a keyboard.
    This site is suitable for everyone from beginners who wish to learn touch typing to touch typing masters who wish to be the fastest typists in the world. You can join typing competitions, using the keyboid you raise.
    For video distributions or school and office use, click here.

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    Practice Touch Typing from the Basics

    The Touch Typing Practice Stage

    At this stage, beginners who cannot type can practice touch typing. You can learn how to touch type as though it were a game, while raising your partner — your keyboid. This is suitable for everyone of all ages. Our site has been used at computer schools and tutoring schools.


    Check my Typing Skills

    The Typing Colloseum

    How far can you go at the Typing Colosseum?
    It's about time to try out the typing skills you've accrued.
    Win the championship at the Colloseum with your keyboid.
    You can see your world ranking.


    Play a Typing Game

    Play a Typing Game Online

    Play a typing game with your keyboid against stalwarts around the world.
    In the handicap mode, even beginners can play on a level playing field.
    You can also play against your friends.


    Practice Typing Symbols from Basics

    Learn how to type symbols, while solving cases with detectives!
    Coming soon.

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