General User

What can I do after I register myself as a user?

After you finish registering yourself as a user, you can play Typinger Z with any computer using your own account.

When two people use one computer, each can play Typinger Z using their own accounts.

How can I register?

You can complete the registration by filling out the form above, typing your username, email address and a password for Typinger Z.

I can't register. What should I do?

Press the register button to complete registration. You will be automatically logged in.
However, once in a while auto log-in doesn't work. In such a case, please log in by pressing the top button on the screen.

Will the current data be passed on to the log-in account?

Basically, the current play data will be passed on to the newly registered account.

If not, delete the account you created. Either register yourself once more time or log out and register yourself with a different email address and user name.