The Typing Ranking Criteria

You will be ranked purely based on your typing skills, not on the strength of your keyboid.
It is recommended to reach rank A as a business person.
Your typinger points are calculated from your average speed multiplied by your average accuracy.

For example, if you average 200wpm, and have a 95% accuracy, you will get the following points: 200 × 0.95 = 190 pts.

40×0.95= 38 pts

Rank The typinger points Comment
H 0 - 11 pts Try to be able to type without looking at your keyboard.
G 12 - 19 pts You are one step away from moving on from being a novice.
F 20 - 25 pts You are not a novice now, but there are more obstacles to overcome.
E 26 - 31 pts You're improving rapidly. The more you type, the faster you become.
D 32 - 35 pts You type comfortably now.
C 36 - 39 pts You are good enough as a typing hobbiest.
B 40 - 45 pts You type fast. The average for a business person.
A 46 - 49 pts You type fast enough in the business world.
S 50 - 59 pts People call you a fast typist at work.
Z 60 - 69 pts You are an advanced typist. You might see typing as a hobby from now on.
Z2 70 - 79 pts People might be shocked by your typing speed.
Z3 80 - 89 pts This is the level reachable only by someone who is into typing.
Z4 90 - 99 pts Maybe you can consider being a professional typist.
Z5 100 - 109 pts This is the first step in becoming a professional typist. It requires years of training from here.
Z6 110 - 119 pts This is the level reachable by only someone who has trained hard enough to become a typing addict.
Z7 120 - 129 pts You are a typing geek.
Z8 130 - 139 pts You can compete in a typing competition.
Z9 140 - 149 pts You are no longer a human, reaching the top level among geeks.
Z10 150 - 159 pts This is the level that requires daily training, studying, and talent to reach.
Z11 160 - 169 pts You can become the champion at the World Typing Competition.
Z12 170 - 179 pts You are a national treasure as a typist; to be protected by your country.
Z13 180 - 189 pts You are a god to be worshipped.

The Colosseum Ranking Criteria

Rank The recomended level The typinger points
G Lv.1~4 20 pts
F Lv.5~6 24 pts
E Lv.7 30 pts
D Lv.8 34 pts
C Lv.9 38 pts
B Lv.11 44 pts
A Lv.12 48 pts
S Lv.13 52 pts
?? Lv.15 56 pts
Z Lv.20 60 pts
Z2 Lv.22 70 pts
Z3 Lv.24 80 pts
Z4 Lv.26 90 pts
Z5 Lv.28 100 pts
Z6 Lv.30 110 pts
Z7 Lv.30 120 pts
Z8 Lv.30 130 pts
Z9 Lv.30 140 pts
Z10 Lv.30 150 pts
Z11 Lv.30 160 pts
Z12 Lv.30 170 pts
Z13 Lv.30 180 pts