Before you master touch typing, there's something essential you need to know.

And that is...


This is the correct posture for typing: Reproduced from Medical News Today

Mr. UnderwearMr. Underwear

Make sure to get used to this posture from the start to avoid serious problems later on.


The real problem seems to be your choice of clothing!

Mr. UnderwearMr. Underwear

Look who's talking!

When you enter the workforce, you'll spend thousands of hours typing.
If you spend all those hours like this...

your pelvis will suffer.
In fact, after endlessly typing in the posture shown above, I became a victim of severe pelvic tilt.

Once that happens, sitting correctly becomes difficult, and your pelvic condition worsens day by day.
Eventually, it leads to problems with your back, shoulders, and neck, turning you into an unhealthy person!
So, before you even start to learn typing, make sure you know how to maintain this posture!


Hard to believe this is an article about typing!

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But it's important!


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