About video webcasts

Feel free to webcast. Permission is not required. However, the webcasts on the usage of macros or cheating tools are not allowed.

Use at schools, firms, and other organizations

Usage permission is not required, but we will be happy if you notify us through Twitter or email. Our beginners course will enable you to learn how to touch type without much effort. Intermediate typists will find it interesting to try their skills by challenging "Typing Colosseum" or hold a tournament online with "Friend Match" .

Chat Box

A chat box is featured in "Friend Match." This feature can be turned off. Once you register as a user, the chat box can be used for PVP, where you can play against someone in your country. The chat box can be used when you log in yourself. For children's use at school, it is recommended that they play without logging in or register as a "kid user" so the chat feature for PVP is restricted. Ensure that you read "recommended operating environments." Old operating systems sometimes don't work.


Use for competitions

You can use our site for competitions. You hold a competition online with "Friend Match".

The Recommended Operating Environment

Keyboard: Japanese keyboards, English keyboards.

OS: Windows 8 or later, Mac is unknown.

Browser: Any browsers except Internet Explorer are supported. Old versions won't work.

Devices: Personal computers and tablets. A keyboard is recommended, but a smartphone used horizontally in landscape might work.


If you have any problems, please read these frequently asked questions.
If that doesn't help, please report a bug by using "Report a Bug" in the bottom right corner.

Q. The site is lagging.
A. Click the musical note in the top right corner of your screen, and mute the sound. This can stop lagging.

Q. The site froze.

A. Check the recommended operating environment above. Most people who had this problem used Internet Explorer as a browser, or Windows Vista.


Feel free to ask questions, requests for feature improvement or report usage through "Contacts."